The Benefit of Purchasing From An RV Care Dealership

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The Benefits of Purchasing from an RV Care Dealership.

You buy a new RV and set off on an adventure. Somewhere along the way something happens and you require service on your RV, what do you do? You call the closest RV dealership with a service department and are notified that they are currently working on customer units and the next available appointment for visitors is a few weeks away. You do not want to wait the three weeks and delay your trip or cut your vacation short to return to your home dealer, but what other choice do you have? Doesn’t sound like the original fun adventure that you set out to enjoy.

RV Care is a network of over 60 dealers in Canada and 100 in the U.S. through the Priority RV Service Network, committed to providing you with great service while travelling. As an RV Care customer if something happens that requires servicing, and you are away from home you can go to the closest RV Car dealer and be given the highest priority possible and great service that you would expect to receive at your home dealer. They are committed to getting you back on the road quickly to enjoy the rest of your adventure.

The RV Care benefits are only available to RV Care customers at RV Care dealerships. To become an RV Care customer you must purchase your RV from an RV Care dealer. Enrollment in the program is completely free and is valid for as long as you own your RV. Your RV Care dealer will register your enrollment in the program at the time of purchase and the benefits begin immediately. For added convenience download the RV Care App to your smart phone or tablet, which will show you the closest RV Care dealership to you should you need one.

Peden RV Superstore is proud to have been a founding member of RV Care and we love to help people start their RV adventure. Be sure to come visit us when it comes time to purchase your new RV, not only will you be dealing with a great family business that has been serving the area for over 50 years, but your RV comes with the added benefit of RV Care. For more information click here to visit the RV Care website.

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