What is Azdel?

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What is Azdel?

There are a few different methods and materials used in constructing a travel trailer. Some models are constructed using wood frame construction and aluminum siding, while others use an aluminum frame, vacuum bonded process to construct the sidewalls. In addition to vacuum bonding their walls, Coachmen RV uses Azdel composite panels on their Freedom Express travel trailers and Freelander motorhomes..

Azdel composite panels are constructed using a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass, making them extremely strong and lightweight, and more importantly, impenetrable by water. Key features of these composite panels include:

  • 50% lighter than wood and three times the insulation value
  • Will not rot, mold, or incur water damage
  • Odorless and formaldehyde free
  • Sound and energy absorbing
  • Impact and puncture resistant

Due to the exceptionally wet climate conditions that we experience here on Vancouver Island and on the west coast, Peden RV is proud to offer the Freedom Express and Freelander brands featuring the Azdel composite wall construction for added protection against water damage in the event of a leak occurring. Come visit us and view the different units and various construction types available. We would be happy to show you, and answer any questions that you may have.

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