What to Know About RV Warranties

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All new RVs come with a manufacturer’s warranty. While most RV manufacturers offer a one year warranty, certain manufacturers such as Starcraft have now increased to two years. It should be noted that the manufacturer’s warranties are applicable to the original owner and the selling dealer. If for some reason you decide to sell your trailer within the manufacturer’s warranty period the warranty is not transferable to the new owner. Extended warranties are available to extend the coverage of your trailer.

Extended warranties are an affordable way to add piece of mind when it comes to purchasing an RV. Extended warranties can be included in your financing plan at the time of purchase of the RV, with only a minor increase to your monthly payment. Coverage can last up to 7 years and you are covered anywhere in North America, whether you are at home or traveling. Some warranty plans also include a guaranteed price refund, which means that if you have not used your warranty at the end of the term you receive a refund that in most cases, cover the majority of the original premium cost. Extended warranties are also transferable should you choose to sell your RV within the warranty period.

Two other major benefits of purchasing an extended warranty are roadside assistance coverage and on-site assistance coverage. If you purchased a larger trailer to park on a lot in a long term campground the warranty covers on-site assistance so you are not required to move the unit. Also, if you purchase a motorhome you have the option to purchase a warranty that covers the chassis, the coach, or both.

There are many other benefits with purchasing an extended warranty for your RV. Be sure to explore all your options and the different plans available for your trailer when purchasing to give you that added peace of mind while traveling. Happy Camping!

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